Welcome to JPS Computers

If you are interested in getting a new website for a business, organization, or anything else, don’t hesitate to call or drop us an email. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. When we build, we do the research. We strive to make sure that your new site makes it to the top of the search engines. We understand how important getting your name out is. All sites can be linked to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you have any questions, please ask.

Do I need a website?

If you are a business of any size, the answer is yes. Having a website gives the potential customer a chance to feel you out as a business as well as see what service you offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A yelp survey done in 2012 (click here to view the survey) shows that 85% of people use the internet to find local businesses. The bottom line is that a website is the best and easiest way to be found. When thinking about getting a site, keep the fallowing in mind. Websites are broken down into three types; Brochure, Online Presence and Online shopping. Brochure sites are the most basic of the three but still get the job done for most. It represents the business in just a few pages, is not very interactive but gets the point across. The Online Presence is a lot like the Brochure style, but it has more pages, is much more interactive and gives the customers more options of what to look and read. The last is the Online Shopping site, this style requires the most upkeep on both you and the webhost. It requires constant updating of products and pricing as well as shipping information and payments.

Why Us?

With us, everything starts fresh. Your site is built from the ground up, much like most business are. Because of this, we are more equipped to make sure your site models your business. If you can’t visit a website and see right from the get go what type of business it is, and what they offer then what’s the point of having a website? However, the look is only part of it. We try very hard to put the personality of the business into the site as much as the look. We want your new site to look, feel and act just like the personality of the business. Again, those are only part of it. Let’s get to the nuts and bolts. We code to get your site to the top of the charts. We want your site to be listed not only on google and yahoo business, but on the search engine parts of those sites as well. We code to allow Google, yahoo/bing and the other search engines to climb through your site and gather as much information as they need to get you in the search results. We also code for mobile friendly browsers so that smart phones and tablets will have no issues viewing the sites.

Social Media?

We do it all, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and RSS feeds. If you already have a social media account, we can link it right to your page, if not we would be happy to set any of them up for you. If you have any questions, please give us a call, or shoot us an email.

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