Website Info

Do you need a website?

If you have a business, and you are looking to increase foot traffic, sell more, or just look more professional, the answer is yes.

What should a website should offer?

Information about your business and gives them a chance to learn about you and your organization and products from the privacy of their computer, tablet, or phone.

Confidence, a website will show them that you are committed to your business/organization.

The web is the easiest way to be found and to bring traffic into your building. A yelp survey done in 2012 (click here to view the survey) shows that 85% of people use the internet to find local businesses.

Main Types

Websites are broken down into three types; Brochure, Online Presence and E-commerce(Online shopping).


The most basic

• 3-5 pages

• Offers a little information about the business and contact information


• Provides the general information about the business, the services that are offered as well as some of the items that are stocked and some prices.

• More in-depth and suited to the each individual company.

• Represents the feel and look of the company.


• Looks and feels like a brochure site.

• Allows you to sell directly on the website with the use of a shopping cart and online store.

• Can be any size.

Social Media

We integrate all of your social media directly into your website. Then we configure your social media accounts to link back to the website. We can also teach you how to schedule a post and how to best utilize social media as a tool for your business.

Need Website and Network Help?

We offer discounted pricing when you purchase both a website and network package.

Thank you for visiting our site, we would be happy to discuss or answer any website questions you might have. All the sites we build are custom and the quotes are free, give is a call or shoot us an email here and we are happy to help!